Performing & Visual Arts (PVArts) Workshop
3400 Main Street – Houston, Texas 77002
Naomi Carrier, Executive Director

PVArts WORKSHOP’s Mission is to nurture and train raw talent with professional teachers in music, art, theatre and dance until potential becomes expertise.

The arts are the gateway to the world for millions of entertainers. This is the door we aim to open through basic instruction and exposure to music, art, theatre and dance. Through opportunities to explore literature, live music and theatre performances students can become better readers, and more interested in how science and math operate to
improve life experiences.

Raising Cultural Capital

Sense of accomplishment and self-esteem boost
The Effects of Piano Lessons
On math problem solving skills
Material, Texture, Form and Color
Core values in both ARTS and STEM

There is an urgent need to raise the cultural capital of American youth through increased exposure to music, art, theatre and dance using an integrated curriculum that combines arts with science and math. Making vital connections that engage critical thinking of the art in science and the math in music, for example, will clear a path to increased interest in STEM Education.

The Value of Practicing
To perfect performance
Momentum, Work and Energy
Powerful artistic medium for communicating values
Art and Cultural Diversity
Tools for interpreting the real world

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Performing and Visual Arts w/STEM
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